For sale – LC8 (9×0 ADV) adv tank and 2-in-1 exhaust pipe

They have done there part of the job very, very well.

But, they will have to go (I will feel sorry for this in the future for sure) due to Safari tanks and other exhaust.


  • Adv tank setup (+8 liter extra) for 9×0 Adventure, consisting of:
    • The tank
    • All fuel hoses, plug and play for 990 Adv (including a quick disconnect)
    • Airvalve on the cap
    • Famous Guglatech fuel filter
    • Extra (removable) bracket for extra securing the tank using the pillion footpeg

Also (as ditching the left exhaust is necessary):

  • 2-in-1 exhaust pipe (CJ’s one; the better option when using the default headers)

And, if you don’t have a proper exhaust (yet) capable of handling the 2-in-1, my used Boss exhaust (only the right one or both) can be added to the package as well. Left one has a small visible dent but works perfectly. 1 insert is a bit in a bad shape too.  All shown on the pictures below.

Price when new (approx):

  • Tank € 370
  • header € 280 (when none sent in return)
  • Exhausts € 500
  • Filter around € 50 IIRC

Willing to throw in a set of graphite exhaust seals for a decent offer on the whole lot.

Buyer pays shipping.